Vision measurement
function SSV

Seibu Scope Vision®Option

Operating interface with easy-to-see
graphics with a smartphone feel

High-precision vision measurement with a camera is possible on the machine without removing the workpiece after cutting is completed.
A wide variety of measurement options are available for measuring various shapes.
It is also possible to check the CAD data and the machined shape and perform the difference measurement.

Shooting part
1.3 million-pixel color camera
Optical magnification 4×,
monitor magnification approx.
Digital zoom
Approx. 1600 times
(at maximum zoom factor)
Epi-illumination, Transmission
(simultaneous lighting)
Focal distance
Standard 40mm(1.57inch)
Points, lines, circles, squares, intersections, distances
External output
CSV output
CAD loading
DXF compatible (simultaneous
movement possible)
Dimensions of the shooting part

「SSV Mounting」

• CAD drawings (DXF) can be read for contour verification and difference measurement

• Available in a wide variety of measure options for measuring various machined workpieces

• High-precision edge detection with transmitted illumination

• Can be measured without removing the workpiece after cutting

• High-precision measurement of fine shapes

Circle measurement screen

CAD verification screen

Core Stitch®Option

Greatly improved automation efficiency

Since the brass can be welded on the part 1 mm(0.039 inch) from the upper face,
it is possible to knock out the welded part by tapping on the slugs.

Conventional cut-off

Core Stitch

• Simple task by only tapping on the core
• Simplification of NC program (Programming for cut-off part is not necessary.)
• You can solve the conventional problems quickly.
 (e.g. man-hour reduction, mistake prevention, relief of simple task)

Core CatchOption

Core Catch enables you to process welded core automatically.
The hammer mounted on upper head knocks off the core made after Core Stitch cutting and the core can be automatically collected.
This fully automated process realizes unmanned operation for die plate finish cut.

Core Stitch conversion softwareOption

This is software for PC that optimizes the welding point and distance by analyzing NC programs and automatically inserts core stitch codes into NC programs.

High Rigidity Mechanical Structure

Measure against tungsten corrosion

EL coating is unique technology that prevents cobalt (Co) from dissolving in water by means of coating
the cutting surface with brass. This increases the endurance of the mold.
This makes it possible to cut in water (not in oil), which reduces maintenance work.

When tungsten carbide material is cut in water, the cobalt (as binder) starts to dissolve in water.
As a result, the material becomes weak.

EL Coating
Cutting surface is coated with thin brass layer.

• Anti-corrosion is possible in water.
• Compared with cutting in oil, maintenance work is very easy.
• Endurance of mold is equal to mold produced in oil.



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